Who we are

Since 1948

In business since 1948, REHAU started as a small Bavarian company assisting the industries of the time in Germany. Now, 70 years later, REHAU is revolutionising the home design and construction industry. Proudly 100% family-owned and operated, REHAU has been at the forefront of delivering quality solutions to homeowners and designers around the world for decades. Our Melbourne-based DesignHaus project is an opportunity for us to invite you in to our home, so we learn more about your project and how we can help.

REHAU has always sought to create new formulations that expand the application of polymer materials. Our approach has been straightforward – to replace conventional materials with more capable and future-proof polymer solutions, creating value for our customers by providing longevity, efficiency, and delight.

Now, with more than 20,000 employees in over 170 locations across 54 countries, REHAU continues to expand across the world delivering breakthrough technologies, solutions, and service.

REHAU is proudly independent, and shamelessly pursues long-term objectives like energy efficiency, renewable energy systems, water management, mobility, and future-living.

REHAU is a name you can trust. Whether it is a large commercial project or your personal home, REHAU offers the complete solution and comprehensive assistance. REHAU ensures designers, architects, and builders are given thorough engineering guidance and support throughout the entire project, and our global network of authorized installers ensure your product is delivered to the highest standard.