Frequently asked questions

ECOSPHERE Windows and Doors

What is uPVC?

The abbreviation uPVC stand for Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, which is a rigid PVC. PVC is a commonly used thermoplastic material. As the material can be completely coloured, any scratches or marks can simply be polished to achieve a perfect look. It is highly UV-resistant, can be welded to give a seamless look and does not erode, even if the material gets into direct contact with salt water.

What is the benefit of double glazing?

Thermal insulation, noise reduction and the prevention of energy losses are the main reasons for choosing double-glazed uPVC windows. You can keep heat, cold and disturbing noise (particularly in metropolitan areas) outside, by choosing our double-glazed solutions.

Where do ECOSPHERE windows and doors come from?

Our window and door profiles are being manufactured worldwide, based on our German technologies, and then manufactured here in Australia.

Can I replace the existing windows in my house with uPVC windows?

Yes, our windows (and doors) will be manufactured after on-site measurement, which means the will be able to accommodate any existing structure.

How much maintenance is required?

Our windows and doors are mostly maintenance-free. They should be cleaned with a mild soap water and soft sponge and only occasionally require to lubricate the locking mechanisms.

Which colours do the ECOSPHERE windows and doors come in?

Please have a look at our product site to find the selection of colours and finishes. Come and visit our flagshipstore to see the colours in real life.

Home Surfaces - RAUVISIO Crystal

What is RAUVISIO crystal?

Acrylic (PMMA) back painted glass, comes in 2.0 mm sheets or pre-laminated to MDF at 19mm finished thickness. Laminated boards have 2.0 mm RAUVISIO crystal on top in high-gloss and matte options, and 2.0 mm color-matched balance sheet.

What is RAUVISIO crystal slim?

RAUVISIO crystal slim is a sheet of 2.0mm RAUVISIO crystal laminated directly to a 2.0 mm color-matched balance sheet. This 4.0 mm panel can be used for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom wall panels, or other applications where a 19mm board is not required.

Is RAUVISIO crystal suitable for horizontal applications?

RAUVISIO crystal is suitable for all vertical applications and originally designed for this purpose. However, it can be used for horizontal applications that are not exposed to high temperatures. For kitchen applications, RAUVISIO crystal is designed for cabinet doors, drawer fronts, end panels, side walls and backsplashes. However, it is not recommended for kitchen countertops.

What are the advantages of crystal to real glass and other High Gloss surfaces?
  • Easier processing, e.g. og electrical outlet cutouts or custom sizing
  • Higher scratch resistance and impact resistance
  • Lighter in weight than glass
Can RAUVISIO crystal be laminated like HPL, or other laminates?

Technically yes, but the quality of high gloss surface will suffer. If the wrong adhesive is used, the crystal laminate can move when exposed to temperatures of 140F (60C), and shrink away from the edgebanded edge. We strongly recommend only PUR lamination to achieve a perfectly flat high gloss surface. All of our pre-laminated boards are PUR laminated in a state of the art clean room environment.

Can RAUVISIO crystal be postformed?

RAUVISIO crystal is not designed to be postformed as the acrylic layer is 1.6 mm or thicker and the lacquer does not have flex agents. (For very large scale projects, a custom formulation has been developed to allow RAUVISIO crystal to conform to 400mm radii).

What can be used for edging?

Duo-Design REHAU LaserEdge has a clear acrylic (PMMA) upper portion that matches the thickness of the glass laminate, and the rest of the edgeband is color matched to the back painted color. Mirror gloss is used when the transparent portion is milled away, revealing the beveled edge of the glass laminate.
To achieve the intended seamless look between the surface and the edge, we recommend using our REHAU RAUKANTEX Pro laser edgeband should be used.

Does RAUVISIO crystal have any directionality?

No, RAUVISIO crystal has no directionality.

Are custom colors available?

Yes, custom colours can be provided but will require a certain MOQ – please contact our sales team for requirements.

What about custom applications?

For large enough projects, RAUVISIO crystal can be produced as a mirror (has greater fogging resistance than glass), as a magnetic marker board (using steel sheet sandwiched between RAUVISIO crystal slim layers), and other interesting applications.

Home Surfaces - RAUVISIO Karat

What is RAUVISIO karat?

RAUVISIO karat is an engineered stone product, which means it is a non-porous material which consists of both PMMA and minerals. Thus, it achieves characteristics that stone cannot reach.

What are typical application areas?

RAUVISIO karat can be used in kitchens (benchtops, splashbacks, etc.), in bathrooms for wall cladding in showers and even in laboratories/hospitals as well as commercial buildings (shopping malls, cafés, restaurants).

How can RAUVISIO karat be processed?

The material can be cut with conventional woodworking machines, can be thermoformed or sanded to join/repair. This makes it more flexible and much lighter in weight (40% lighter) compared to real stone.

Does RAUVISIO karat need a substrate underneath?

RAUVISIO karat comes in either 6mm or 10mm thickness, dependent on the application it does work without any substrate underneath. Contact us for your specific project requirements to find out more.

Home Surfaces - RAUVISIO Brilliant

What is RAUVISIO Brilliant?

RAUVISIO Brilliant is a high-gloss or matte laminate, which comes in 0.7 thickness are acrylic sheets or pressed on a MDF substrate of selected thickness.

What is the advantage of RAUVISIO Brilliant compared to other high gloss surfaces?

Our product is available in both gloss and matte finish. RAUVISIO brilliant boasts superior colorfastness (resistance to yellowing from UV exposure) and superior reflective image quality in gloss finish (no orange peel). High gloss or matte laminates, balancing sheets and edgeband are all perfectly matched and available from REHAU. Further, it benefits from a high scratch and impact resistance which makes it perfect for daily life in a busy kitchen or other areas of the house.

Can RAUVISIO Brilliant be postformed?

Yes, RAUVISIO brilliant can be postformed with heat – best results when heated to approximately 95C. If the temperature is too low it may cause stress cracks, if the temperature is too high it can cause a wavy surface.

Does RAUVISIO Brilliant have any directionality?

Only the metallic colors have directionality. When applicable, directionality is shown on the protective film with an arrow in the direction of the height/length.

Underfloor Heating

How does hydronic heating work?

Hydronic heating systems distribute energy uniformly and efficiently by circulating heated water through a network of pipes installed in floors, walls or ceilings. A radiant system can be the primary source of heating or can serve in combination with a traditional HVAC application to improve overall energy efficiency while achieving an ideal level of comfort.

Can underfloor heating only be installed in a new build?

No, our systems serve most buildings – new constructions or renovations can be done as well as most retrofits. Contact our experienced staff to get an insight on what possibilities we can offer with your building.

Is hydronic heating healthy and safe?

Yes, hydronic heating is the safest option as there is no danger of burns or scalding since the system is completely enclosed in the floor.

It is also considered a healthy option, particularly for everyone suffering from allergies or asthma. There is no or minimal circulation of dust or allergens in the room.

How does the cost of hydronic underfloor heating compare to ducted heating?

Hydronic heating heats up your room while most other heating solutions only warm up your air. Thus, you can achieve a constant warmth throughout the whole day at a lower cost in comparison to other heating systems.

Does REHAU install my hydronic underfloor heating?

No, but we collaborate with a number of excellent and experienced installers, which have undergone extensive training with REHAU, have used our system for years and are thus officially REHAU approved installers.